Save time and money by letting the WSCPA help meet the specific training needs of 15 or more people of your team through in-house training. Enjoy the same high quality materials and speakers featured in many of your favorite conferences and seminars. Choose from:

  • A full line of ready-made in-house training programs created by nationally recognized professional development providers; and
  • WSCPA programs—classes customized by WSCPA instructors based on your organization’s specific needs.

WSCPA offers other services upon request, such as room rentals, to make your in-house training as convenient and enjoyable as possible. 

Why waste another valuable minute of your time developing your own in-house training when the WSCPA makes it so easy and affordable?

For assistance in planning your next in-house training event contact Lois Swenson-Grudt via email or call (425) 586-1136.