Here you can access important information on both federal and state issues, like the WSCPA’s annually-published tax guides and information on relevant issues.

AICPA-NASBA Uniform Accountancy Act

This newest edition of the Uniform Accountancy Act contains important new updates to the Act, designed both to ensure protection of the public interest and to respond to evolving changes in the practice of accountancy.


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AICPA Issue Brief on State Marijuana Laws and the CPA Profession

This issue brief gives an overview of U.S. recreational and medicinal marijuana laws, the current legislative/regulatory environment, and information for CPAs considering providing services to businesses that operate in these industries. While the brief has been prepared by the AICPA staff and volunteers, with input from the Colorado (COCPA) and Washington (WSCPA) state CPA societies, it has not been considered or acted upon by AICPA senior technical committees or the AICPA Board of Directors, and does not represent an official opinion or position of the AICPA.


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Income Tax Guide for Washington Legislators

Legislators face unique requirements when reporting annual income tax. To help our legislators navigate these requirements, the WSCPA Taxation Committee prepares an annual guide designed to answer specific questions about federal income tax treatment of travel and other expenses arising from one's position as a legislator. The current version of this guide reflects tax law changes through December 31, 2016. Download the guide by clicking the button below.


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