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    WSCPA Volunteers, We Salute You!

    by Jeanette Kebede | Dec 27, 2019
    We are honored that you have chosen to share your time with your colleagues and your professional association. By volunteering, you help ensure that the CPA profession retains the trusted and venerated status it currently enjoys.
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    The Secret Code

    by Mark Hugh, CPA | Dec 19, 2019
    As Chair of the Washington Accountancy Board, I am using my sole executive rule making authority (of which I have none), to issue Board Chair Order 0001 (which you do not have to follow). What is it and what is the code!
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    State Auditor’s Office Uncovers $7 Million Misappropriation

    by Adam Wilson | Dec 16, 2019
    Today, December 16, 2019, the Office of the Washington State Auditor released its report on a major fraud investigation involving the Pierce County Housing Authority. The finding, nearly $7 million in misappropriated public funds, is the largest case of its kind on record for a Washington local government.
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    The Tax Advisors Update Will Clarify Elements of the TCJA for 2020

    by Chris Hesse, CPA | Dec 16, 2019
    Some people believe that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) was the biggest tax reform since 1986. Big is a subjective term, but Chris Hesse can confidently assert that the TCJA is a more difficult tax reform to implement than the 1986 Tax Reform Act (TRA).
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    5 Innovative Ways to Modernize Your Accounting Firm in 2020

    by Callie Hinman | Dec 16, 2019
    With 2020 right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning your resolutions for the new year. And while we may not be able to provide expert advice on how to eat healthier, create an exercise plan, or get better sleep, what we can do is offer tips on building a more innovative, successful accounting firm. Here are five sure-fire strategies for modernizing your accounting practice in 2020.
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