What My Membership Means to Me: Brittany Malidore

by Brittany Malidore | Jun 11, 2019

As a WSCPA student member, I have the opportunity to contribute to an organization that is fully dedicated to supporting the CPA profession. Reflecting on my time as a junior in college, I realize that I had tons of opportunities to join this or that society. However, it wasn’t until I met Ron Tilden, a professor at the University of Washington Bothell, that I decided I wanted to become a part of the WSCPA. Ron Tilden is an inspiration to each accounting student at UW Bothell because he both teaches you the accounting that is required to be a CPA and understands that accounting students need to surround themselves with a community that helps them grow professionally and personally. When I heard Ron speak with such passion and pride, I knew I had to get involved with this amazing organization we all know as the WSCPA.

Since joining as a member in 2015, I have been a panelist at local university campuses, mentored students through thought leadership, contributed as a board member on the Bellevue and, later, Seattle-Bellevue Chapters, and participated in multiple leadership opportunities. Each of these opportunities allowed me to meet like-minded professionals that were just as passionate as I was. As a non-traditional student, I found myself opening up more, sharing my story and taking advantage of opportunities that I thought I could never have attained.

Often, students and professionals will ask, “Why are you so passionate about the WSCPA?” The answer is simple: I am excited that each day I get to be a part of an organization that works extremely hard to provide the CPA profession with continuing education at our fingertips. I get to meet incredible leaders from the local and national level. I get to participate in a community that moves our profession forward through mentorship, leadership, and collaboration.

As a future CPA, it is an absolute honor to be a part of such an amazing organization. This membership means more to me than most in that it has helped shape the professional that I am today. I hope that more and more students realize the resources that the WSCPA can provide.

If you are a new CPA to Washington, or a student that wants to be more involved, please take a moment to join this amazing society and help our community become stronger. As many of us know, technological transformation is knocking on our door. When that door opens, whom do you want standing by your side? I choose the WSCPA!

Brittany Malidore is a senior manager with Peterson Sullivan LLP in Seattle. She is Immediate Past Chair of the WSCPA Seattle/Bellevue Chapter and received the 2017-18 WSCPA Rising Star Award.

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